Skógar Folk Museum in Iceland

While out exploring on the South Shore Adventure Tour in Iceland, our group made a stop at the Skógar Folk Museum. A man named Thordur Tomasson opened the museum in 1949, and over the years he has filled it with old Icelandic artifacts and interesting pieces from hundreds of years ago.

Thordur quietly walked around with our group, carefully observing the guests and tour guides, only chipping in when he felt it was necessary, making sure the stories were told accurately and to his liking. It was obvious that the museum was his pride and joy. When Thordur spoke, you listened. (Photo by Nunni Konn on Flickr)

We saw tons of fascinating things, like the tobacco pouch made from a ram’s scrotum, the ancient cow bladder hanging from the ceiling (used back then as a barometer), traditional sheepskin shoes, endless wool spindles, tiny boats, hunting tools, and everything in between. Afterward, we were able to check out the sod farm behind the museum. It was awesome being able to see how the people of Iceland used to live centuries ago. I loved the tiny houses!

I’m glad we got to see the south of Iceland and get out of Reykjavik for a while. I’m still in awe of that little country and how truly beautiful it is there. Thank you for your words of wisdom and for allowing us to visit your museum, Thordur!


"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet." - Emily Dickinson


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    Sarah Heitzinger

    Nice work, Amanda! Your blogs are so interesting. This one is my favorite so far. Keep them coming!

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      Thanks, Sarah. You’re the sweetest!

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    Chloe (@Cloebeth91)

    I love heading out of the usual places and finding something unique, it’s so beautiful too x

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    Wow, it looks incredible there! I would love to visit!
    Melanie @

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      The greens are so vivid!

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    Kaelene @ Unlocking Kiki

    I am so glad you commented on my blog so I could head over and see your beautiful pictures of Iceland!

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      Aw, thanks Kaelene! I’m loving your blog. It’s sort of my dream to live in Iceland! So jealous! :)

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    What an amazing place. I’ve never been but certainly hope to someday! I think that style of housing should definitely make a comeback! Reminds me of a hobbit house!

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      Haha, agreed! They reminded me of something you’d see in Lord of the Rings!

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    craig aude

    Wonderful. The ingenuity of man. Cow bladder to make a barometer? Amazing!

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    Van (@snowintromso)

    Just found your blog over at Unlocking Kiki’s! I absolutely love folk museums! The last one I’ve been to was in Oslo but would love to visit this one too! Great shots!

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      Thanks, Van! I’d LOVE to visit Oslo someday! This was such a cute museum. Very different, but so interesting!

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